My experience and background

My experience

I have worked in private practice, the NHS, specialist addiction therapy and secure institutions.

This has included working with many issues including trauma, eating disorders, obsessive thinking and behaviour, sexual identity, sexual problems, abuse, redundancy and work related issues, relationship issues, spirituality, addictions, bereavement and loss, depression, stress and anxiety.

My approach

The way I work is very much focused on you, with an emphasis on how you feel. I will encourage you to explore your feelings and emotions about situations you are experiencing now and those you have experienced in the past. I will not offer answers or advice but I hope to enable you to find your own way. You are under no obligation to talk about anything you don’t want to.

I am trained in several different types of psychotherapy and my main style is Psychodynamic:

Psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy, which focuses on the unconscious and past experience and how it shapes current behaviour and relationships.

I also offer Couples/Relationship counselling.

My qualifications and training

MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling from The School of Psychotherapy and Psychology at Regent’s University, London

Certificate in Counselling Skills at WPF, London

(PODS) Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors:
Dissociation and DID
Trauma, dissociation and recovery
Childhood Sexual Abuse: Hope for Healing

CPD certificate in Relationship Counselling (Borders – ACCPH validated CPD course).

Compassionate Mind Training

Solution Focused Therapy

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