As well as being a therapist I am also a Coach. I am also accredited to work with Talogy’s Emotional Intelligence profiles as a Coach. This means my coaching work impacts at a different level. It is forward thinking and more structured than therapy however using Emotional Intelligence profiling can help us explore more about your behaviour and how this might help you or hold you back.

I also offer more general coaching sessions without the Emotional Intelligence Profile.

In addition to being accredited for Emotional Intelligence Coaching I am trained in solution focused coaching and also worked for several years as a coach in corporate environments with leaders and employees. I am also founder of Elephants in the Room which is focused on Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Organisational Development in business.

A general 1.5 hour coaching session (not corporate) costs: £125.

An Emotional Intelligence coaching session including a profile requires you complete the JCA questionnaire that has approximately 150 questions. You then receive a full executive report that provides a lot of detail and information about how you can develop your behaviour. We then work on this profile in a follow up coaching session for 1.5 hours where I explain the profile and we focus on your current challenges with Emotional Intelligence in mind. If you decide to continue coaching after one session then you will pay the general cost for all subsequent sessions above unless we agree to do another profile at a later date as a comparison and to see changes and development.

An Emotional Intelligence coaching session (not corporate):
Profile and report: £140
Coaching: £125
Total: £250

I can also offer coaching via Skype.

For more information feel free to contact me and we can arrange a call to discuss further. We can also discuss whether therapy or coaching would be more appropriate for you at this current time if you are unsure.